Both my husband and I completed her weight loss program. I was most impressed on how each program was specifically tailored for us. We were both successful in losing the weight. I lost a total of 46lbs and my husband a total of 60lbs. We are very pleased with our results and recommend Dr. Freeze and the program highly. She is a fantastic doctor who listens to what you have to say and cares about you!

Jackie & George L.

As a patient of Dr. Freeze’s for eight years, I have entrusted her to help me be my best version every day when it comes to my health and wellness along with my girls too. The journey with her has been a blessing! She takes the time to listen and care genuinely each step of the way. She guides and allows the process to feel like a team between the two of us. I am filled with immense gratitude each day for her. Thank you Dr. Freeze.

Christy O’Gara

Dr. Freeze has been a blessing in my life as my primary doctor. She has been incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to autoimmune related issues as well as a variety of other key health related concerns. Whether it be supplementation, diet related, or even women’s health related, her expertise is so valuable. Dr. Freeze understands and respects my belief system regarding my health and choices surrounding it. She is an excellent listener and quick to explain or answer things for me, in an honest and gentle way. I enjoy being in her presence considering the peaceful and kind energy that she exudes. She is flexible and easily reached when needed, which shows that she really cares. I always recommend her to others who are looking for a great provider. Dr. Freeze has guided me in my journey to health. I am ever-so-grateful for her time and energy.

Renee M.

I am so thankful for Dr. Freeze! I will recommend her to everyone I know. After seeking help for my daughter for several years with her MD we were not getting any satisfaction or results. She continued to be sick and there were no answers. We have never seen a naturopathic doctor before but decided that we should try this avenue. We contacted Dr. Freeze and started working with her in May. It was one of the best decisions that we have made. My daughter had CEBV probably 3 – 4 times a year lasting about a month every time and we were told there was nothing you could do. It was like she was having mono over and over again. So she was just living with it, but it was severely impacting her life. But Dr. Freeze wanted to tackle that. At this writing my daughter has not had a flare-up in 6 months. In addition to this Dr. Freeze uncovered two major conditions that my daughter had that her MD had missed. Under Dr. Freeze’s care my daughter’s overall health has greatly improved! She went from being sick every day to feeling good almost every day. I cannot thank her enough for the difference she has made in our lives.

Michele G

Dr. Freeze has helped me navigate menopause and related hormonal and other issues. I do not know how I could have managed without her. Her naturopathic approach is rare and one I highly appreciate. The hormone and vitamin supplements Dr. Freeze prescribed have definitely increased my quality of life.

She always listens carefully and offers insightful comments and suggestions. She is proactive in ordering blood and other tests to monitor and improve my symptoms and concerns.

The fasting diet she recommended has helped me lose over 25 pounds – weight I had been trying to drop for almost 10 years. And at an age when most women my age are gaining.

Dr. Freeze’s expertise and care have truly changed my life for the better. I am grateful for her guiding and positive presence in my life.

Dawn H.

I have been seeing Dr. Karen for several years now. Thanks to her, I was able to get some medical issues diagnosed and have been able to treat them naturally. I am most thankful for the adrenal issues that Dr. Karen has helped me handle. She is always available and happy to help — never more than an email away!artboard-1-png-j

Jaime K

This month makes a year that I started seeing Dr. Freeze. I had just had my first anxiety attack the month before and it scared me to death. She was very kind and took the time to try and narrow down what was going on with me. Why I was having such high anxiety. To make a long story short, I’am grateful, through the proper testing and asking the perfect questions she figured it out. Dr. Freeze put me on some key supplements and encouraged regular exercise. This along with some other suggestions, have been helping me be more calm and sleep better. I no longer feel like I’m losing my senses!!! Thank you Dr. Freeze.

Deana L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Freeze since 2012, when I became disenchanted with the plethora of other “medical professionals” that were hellbent on stuffing as much prescription medication as possible down my gullet in a vain attempt to figure out my malady. My Wife, who is also a patient of Dr. Freeze, suggested I consult a naturopath. What a frustrating time it was!

Dr. Freeze took notice of not only my immediate issues, but the underlying cause and effect as well. As a result, she was able to narrow the confusion gap, and has enabled me to address the excessive vicissitudes that plagued my well-being.

Dr. Freeze LISTENS to my summary of how I am feeling;
Dr Freeze DISCUSSES options.
These are all things I was not used to.
As a result, Dr. Freeze has become my ally in the War of Growing Old Gracefully!!

Jordan R.

I am grateful to have found Dr. Karen Freeze. No other physician has given me such care and concern, in addition to successful treatment for what others deemed “untreatable.” She takes the time to listen to my issues and appreciates my input when she’s coming up with a treatment plan. She treats my husband as well, and we both feel we receive an unprecedented level of care from her!

Karrie H.

I’ve been going to Dr. Karen Freeze for at least 15 years now. I am a 63 year old male in excellent health. I believe I’m healthy largely due to Doctor Karen’s guidance and recommendations.

George E.

Dr. Freeze has been my and my son’s trusted physician for several years now. She has always shown a genuine interest in my family, as well as a commitment to helping improve our overall health. Her knowledge and expertise in the natural approach has helped us significantly. We plan on continuing to rely on Dr. Freeze’s advice and support for many years to come.

Sonia M.

We are so thankful for what Dr. Freeze has done for us! Five years ago, after multiple miscarriages, we were told we weren’t able to have children and should look into surrogacy. Someone told us about Dr. Freeze and within months, we were pregnant! Now, we have three beautiful kids and she was there to help us with all three pregnancies. She is amazing and we will be forever grateful.

Kellie D.